For weeks now at my house, it’s all about bread-baking, Netflix time and redecorating. The big comforts during troubles times: eating carbs, while being told a story, while being in beauty is nourishing, nurturing and comforting since, like, the Beginning.

If you are refreshing, rearranging, re-painting your home place through this pandemic time, you are not alone. That’s what I’m doing.

We are working with color clients on the ZOOM video conferencing platform until the coast is clear. We love Zoom. It works and it’s easy.

We’ve worked on many projects over Skype and Zoom before the pandemic: houses and condos in Vermont, NYC, Seattle, Santa Fe, and San Francisco, and vacation homes in Florida and South Jersey.

The process of choosing color over a video screen is similar in many ways to an in-person, on-site meeting:

  • We decide on the goals for the session.
  • We’ll talk about your color preferences and the most important features in the space.
  • Depending on the project, I’ll ask you to email photos or videos ahead of time, and possibly send fabric samples,
  • On Zoom, I’ll work with the fan decks and I have larger swatches of most colors on hand. Sometimes, we decide on colors during the Zoom session. Sometimes, we narrow down the possibilities and I send the larger designer color swatches to you in the US mail at no extra cost. You’ll have the swatches in 3 to 5 business days and you will be able to put them up and observe them in daylight and at nighttime. The choices will be clear or we may meet again on Zoom to make the final decision(s).
  • YOUR PREP is the same: Think about how you want the room(s)/spaces/home/workspace to feel. What is your ideal vision for the space? Are you open to color suggestions you may not have thought of yet? If you are making changes to fabrics, furnishings, cabinetry, flooring, carpeting, window treatments, countertops, tile, etc., please have samples or images on hand.
  • Have you chosen a brand of paint to use? I usually work with the palettes by Benjamin Moore and Farrow & Ball because they are so extensive and cover all the bases — we can do anything. I carry the fan decks of a few other companies, as well.

May you and yours be blessed, guided and protected through this time, and always. May we all meet again soon.

Love, Barbara

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