COLOR CONSULTING Home & Workplace. Interior & Exterior. On-site, long distance, and via Zoom. 


Since early March 2020, I’ve been working with clients over the ZOOM video conferencing platform. We love Zoom. It works and it’s easy. I’ve worked on many projects over Skype and Zoom before the pandemic: houses and condos in Vermont, NYC, Seattle, Santa Fe, and San Francisco, and vacation homes in Florida and South Jersey.

The process of choosing color over a video screen is similar in many ways to an in-person, on-site meeting. For the process details, contact us here.

Color is powerful and affects us deeply. Everyone and every space requires beauty. No project is too small or too large, and no home is too modest or too grand for a color consultation. 

I work with home owners, apartment dwellers, landlords, architects, professional interior designers and decorators who want an artist’s eye and color sensibility on board, on hand, and on deck.

In each consultation, I use the 12 different color collections of Benjamin Moore Paint, as well as the 132 colors by Farrow & Ball. I have larger paper samples of most colors because working with 4×8″ and 2×9″ swatches makes the process much easier and efficient.

As an artist, I’m very happy with the sophisticated Ben Moore palettes: Classic, Preview, Color Stories, Historic, Williamsburg, Affinity, America’s Colors, the Favorites, the Off-Whites, and the astonishing rich colors of the new Century collection. Out of the U.K., Farrow & Ball color is downright posh.

This guy. Our color consult happened on fishing season opening day. Fresh-caught out of the stream that runs beside his house, and grilled. A snack in between Mayonnaise OC-85 and Sylvan Mist CSP-740.
This guy. Our color consult happened on fishing season opening day. Fresh-caught out of the stream that runs beside his house, and grilled. A snack in between Mayonnaise OC-85 and Sylvan Mist CSP-740.

Finding the right color to beautify and harmonize a room is an Art and a Science, and takes some time. One hour is usually enough consult time for one or two rooms. The cost of a color consultation will most likely be the smallest part of your painting budget, but is the most important! Let’s face it, it is all about the color.

I ensure you love the colors you choose, and that all colors work together beautifully. We want harmonious color flow from room to room, and to have each space be a place where you want to be.

YOUR PREP: Relax and do nothing except think about how you want your place to FEEL. If you have an ideal vision for the spaces, great. If not, it will become clear during the consult. Are you open to color suggestions you may not have considered yet? 

We will chose a time when everyone who has input into the color choices can be at the consult. (I have saved many marriages!)

I have had the extreme delight to bring color to more than 750 projects: sitting rooms in Drexel Hill, mansions in Gladwyne, South Philly row houses, West Philly Victorians, sprawling ranches and split levels, 200-year old historic houses, Dutch Colonials, a NYC penthouse, new construction, an artist’s New Hampshire rustic live/work studio, the office of a university dean, the exteriors of mansions purchased by an expanding university, seashore houses, Villanova carriage houses, the varied houses of Havertown, the vast interiors of Mt. Airy’s stone glories, getaways in Vermont, Seattle and northern California, condos, apartments, rental houses, a metaphysical church sanctuary, and more than one Sears Roebuck kit house. I haven’t done a houseboat or a yacht. Yet.

TIME & MONEY: To receive a PDF with hourly rate fees and timing details, please contact us with your name, phone number, general location and tell us about the scope of your project.  

Floor plans, tile, fabric swatches are the go-to for this long distance project.
Floor plans, tile, and fabric swatches were the go-to’s for this long distance project.

Long distance: To set up a color consultation when the building location is outside the Greater Philadelphia area, there are choices:

    1. Often we meet locally and the client brings floor plans, or an architect’s drawing, lots of photos, and has samples of tile/countertops/fabrics/flooring on hand.

       2. On-site consults within a 2-hour drive from Philadelphia (Jersey Shore, Poconos, etc.) can be arranged. Contact us for an estimate for your situation. 

       3. Farther afield: Am happy to travel by car, plane or train. We will make a plan.

ART HANGING/ARRANGEMENT SERVICE VIA ZOOM: if you are refreshing your place during this intense, stressful time, you’re not alone. Besides baking bread and watching Netflix, redecorating is a comfort for many of us. Beauty is deeply nourishing. 

We can position your paintings, prints, photos and/or objects over Zoom, and I can guide you, if needed, in the best ways to hang your pictures.

Once your walls are painted, gather all your framed photos, artwork, objects, and/or textiles any treasure that is destined to hang on a wall. I assist in placement and arrangements. Artwork hung too high or too low, or in a place it doesn’t fit can feel awkward and interrupt the harmony in a room. It is important to get help if you want the things and the rooms you love to work together.


Would you like help choosing tile, countertops, fabrics, carpeting, furniture colors? I will meet you at your suppliers and we will coordinate everything.

To receive a PDF flyer with all the details and my phone info, you know what to do!