COLOR CONSULTING Home & Workplace. Interior & Exterior. On-site, long distance, and via Zoom. 

Beauty is deeply nourishing. 

Master bedroom. Jim and Patty wanted elegance and drama.
Master bedroom. Jim and Patty wanted elegance and drama.

INTERIORS: As of APRIL 1, 2021, we are booking in-person color consultations. I’m fully-vaccinated now, and adhering to CDC guidelines. So: all-masked-all-the-time and doors and windows OPEN.

During the pandemic, I’ve been working on interior projects over the Zoom platform. This will continue for anyone who prefers to meet this way. If you have WIFI, we can meet.

The process of choosing color over a computer screen is similar in many ways to an in-person, on-site meeting, but I’ll ask to email photos of the spaces and will create a photo file.  For more process details, contact us here.

Since March 2020, I’ve worked on all interior projects in this way —-houses and condos in the Greater Philadelphia area, as well as in Vermont, NYC, Seattle, Santa Fe, San Francisco, and vacation homes in Florida and South Jersey. Distance is no longer an obstacle.

EXTERIORS: I’m booking in-person on-site consults in the Greater Philadelphia area with the understanding that everyone is all-masked, all the time, outside. No exceptions.

THE PROCESS: Color is powerful and affects us deeply. Everyone and every space requires beauty. No project is too small or too large, and no home is too modest or too grand for a color consultation. 

I work with home owners, apartment dwellers, landlords, architects, professional interior designers and decorators who want an artist’s eye and color sensibility on board, on hand, and on deck.

The red floor.
The red floor in a Santa Fe casa.

Finding the right color to beautify and harmonize a room is an Art and a Science, and takes some time. One hour is usually enough consult time for one or two rooms. The cost of a color consultation will most likely be the smallest part of your painting budget, but is the most important! Let’s face it, it’s all about the color.

I ensure you love the colors you choose, and that all colors work together beautifully. We want harmonious color flow from room to room, and to have each space be a place where you want to be.

YOUR PREP: After sending me the photos of the spaces, please relax and do nothing except think about how you want your place to FEEL. If you have an ideal vision for the spaces, great. If not, it will become clear during the consult. 

Are you open to color suggestions you may not have considered yet? 

Let’s choose a time when everyone who has input into the color choices can be at the consult.

We went with a royal blue for the chimney, inside and out.
We went with a Prussian Blue chimney, inside and out.

I have had the extreme delight to bring color to more than 750 projects: sitting rooms in Drexel Hill, mansions in Gladwyne, South Philly row houses, West Philly Victorians, sprawling ranches and split levels, 200-year old historic houses, Dutch Colonials, a NYC penthouse, new construction, an artist’s New Hampshire rustic live/work studio, the office of a university dean, the exteriors of mansions purchased by an expanding university, seashore houses, Villanova carriage houses, the varied houses of Havertown, the vast interiors of Mt. Airy’s stone glories, getaways in Vermont, Seattle and northern California, condos, apartments, rental houses, a metaphysical church sanctuary, and more than one Sears Roebuck kit house. I haven’t done a houseboat or a yacht. Yet.

TIME & MONEY: To receive a PDF with rates and timing details, please contact us with your name, phone number, general location and tell us about the scope of your project.  

In this room, Ceiling White was
Living Room in a Center City Condo. Clients Mitch & Jenn chose a rich clay color. This room faces south, get a lot of light all day and needed some richness on the walls.


Once your walls are painted, gather all your framed photos, artwork, objects, and/or textiles — any treasure that is destined to hang on a wall. I assist in placement and arrangements. Artwork hung too high or too low, or in a place it doesn’t fit can feel awkward and interrupt the harmony in a room. Visual Harmony is important in the rooms in which you live and work.

TIME & MONEY: To receive a PDF with rates and timing details, please contact us with your name, phone number, general location and tell us about the scope of your project.  

A small and beautiful master bath.
A small and beautiful master bath.
Farrow & Ball in this sunroom.
Farrow & Ball in this sunroom.
This family craved color.
This family craved color.