Saturday in the Paint Shop Report: Barb and the Linen White caper

Barb and the epic Linen White
Barb and the epic Linen White

Ok, it’s not Saturday but I’ve been very booked with in-home consults on the weekends, so I’m adding weekday stories to the Saturday Paint Shop Report:

Another Barbara came into the store today! And she’s the daughter of a Barbara!

These sentences require exclamation points because Barbaras have a special bond. We really like to meet each other. There are so freakin’ few of us.

It’s a personal life mission of mine to spread the word about St. Barbara’s Day being on December 4th every year for the last 700 years or so. Name Days are very big celebrations in many parts of the world and why not here in the USA, I ask? More Barbara parties may be the key to the name Barbara making a comeback. When was the last time you met a baby Barbara?

This Barbara is a Barb. Barb’s paint project is a door panel that is being repaired after her dogs broke through it. I skipped the gory details about the dogs and we got right to the color and the finish she needed. It turns out that LINEN WHITE  is the absolute off-white-of-choice for Barb and her entire family. Years ago, she and her 3 siblings and her mother painted their houses and a family seashore house all at the same time. Barb says they tested out every single one of the 117 off-white shades of Ben Moore Paint by painting squares of each color onto all of their walls, and I believe her. They all chose LINEN WHITE because it’s not cream and it’s not beige and it’s more than plain white. I’m going to find out what goes into Linen White and get back to you on this.

Meanwhile, in the land of Linen White, Barb shared with me her other Color Story:

Not his room, but this is the color in high gloss.
Not his room, but this is the color in high gloss.

She has a teenage son who wanted to paint his room to his own taste and she said OK and it almost killed her. His paint job gave her palpitations and difficulty breathing. Her mild-mannered husband wrassled her to the ground to prevent her intervening in their son’s creative process. In her Linen White house, he painted his bedroom is high-gloss Dark Royal Blue on all walls and woodwork. He’s put up a skateboard rack. Now that she has lived to tell, she says that his room is the best room in the house. Paint is amazing. I give her a Mom Merit Badge for letting her boy do his creative thing!

She wants me to tell you that when in doubt, go with Linen White, and when you are ready to take a risk, go with high-gloss Dark Royal Blue.


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