Saturday in the Paint Shop Report

My domain. Needs a plant.
My domain. Needs a plant.

So far today:

A woman who is getting her house ready to go on the market wants to lighten up her dark living room. She uses the Affinity palette because there are fewer colors to choose from and most of the colors are strong and she prefers strength when it comes to colors. She has deep red in her entryway, and dark pumpkin tan in a dining room, and more intense fabulousness going on on the first floor walls. I suggested Soleil and Safari as possibilities for the liv room re-do. It would be lighter energy on the walls, and she would not have to suffer with weak color vibes with the house on the market. Yay!

Then a couple arrived with fragments from their kitchen: pieces of white cabinet wood, black stone countertop, and a cupboard door stained a shade called Eucalyptus. They are trying out Wyndham Cream for 3 walls. Venezuelan Sea 2054-30 a glorious dark teal, and Ocean Tropic 2052-10 an intense dark green, are possibilities for an accent wall. I’m hoping they do all the walls in the Sea or the Ocean color. Seriously, I think it would hold the kitchen together nicely.

A guy came in wanting an Italian wheat-like color. Sent him out with several sample chips and color charts with grain-like shades. 

A librarian from the grand library on the Main Line wants a grey-beige for a guest bedroom. Sent her on her way with sample chips and a pint of Smoke Embers AC-28. She may go with Winter Gates AC-30, though. Depends on the light in the space.

OK, who’s next?

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