White Chocolate and Chantilly Lace

Kate's Guest Room
Kate’s Guest Room

I visited my friend Kate and her happening husband recently. Kate and I became friends when we were both living in Santa Fe, NM. There was a one year window where she ran off and got married to the Happening Guy and moved to California, and I didn’t get married but moved to the east coast to my original home town, Philly. It turns out we were both driving across the country, relocating ourselves to southeastern Pennsylvania, at the same time without knowing it. Facebook reconnected us!

So, I stayed overnight in her guest room last week and the color combo on the walls was completely and utterly glorious. Simple. Clean. I didn’t want to leave the room.

It’s a color combination that nourishes the body through the eyes.

Kate isn’t sure which colors she used. My guess: Chantilly Lace trim, White Chocolate or Easter Lily walls, Blue Ice or Angel’s Wings on the cabinet…..inside the cupboard she painted a deeper gray blue. (Benjamin Moore color palettes)

Thanks, Kate, for the inspiring stay.

Onward we go.

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