Please, no wintertime despair: gray with magenta, orange, teal, chartreuse….

Wall colors brighten up the gray floor!
All these colors work with gray!!!

October in the northern hemisphere and the weather is shifting dramatically here on the east coast USA. The sun is lower in the sky and often behind clouds and rain. Gray gray gray!!!

Many of my color clients have elegant gray shades on their walls. It can be a calming and meditative vibe. During long gray winters, though, it could take one over the edge a bit.

SO: for fall and winter, think about adding bright, even shocking color accents with fabric (if you haven’t already). You can get away with murder with gray – add Magenta! Chartreuse! Teal!! Orange!! Yellow!! All these colors are glorious with gray.

Send me photos of your color combos with gray…..

I have a whole Pinterest board on the Color Gray, and many other colors.

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