Change is Good.

The BIG NEWS at my end is that in early August of this year, I launched full-on into freelance color consulting. After 3 good years in a part-time position at a Ben Moore Paint & Design store, where I learned so much about housepaint, I left to spare my lovely lungs any more exposure to … More Change is Good.

Color and Love

Working on color for an interior recently. A good-sized place with many rooms. New construction! This means my client “Monica” is making a million decisions a day, from lighting fixtures, to tile patterns, to drawer handles. It’s high quality stress, but still stressy. In one room, we are working off a carpet sample that has … More Color and Love


I went to Washington DC for the Women’s March. Yes, I’m for all those progressive ideals like equal rights, and peace not war, and I believe the environment is a person and a corporation is not. It was an awesome, fierce, and moving experience. And who would think so much power could be conveyed by the … More Pink

Saltillo tile in Pennsylvania – a saga

Client L has a rambling ranch house of Pennsylvania gray stone. I fully expected to cross the threshold and find glossy golden-oak hardwood floors, like usual ‘round these parts. But no, my Danskos landed on a huge expanse of honest-to-goodness Saltillo tile in a deep red-orange-brown color. It was a whole houseful of Mexican Saltillo … More Saltillo tile in Pennsylvania – a saga