Beauty in Pandemic Times

Picture hanging advice via Zoom.
Picture hanging advice via Zoom.

I’ve vacuumed twice in the last few days, which never happens (there’s one of me here, and I’m not that dusty) except now it does. The flower pots are planted with cool weather crops. Everything that needed sweeping is swept.

In between all this and the sorting of the spices and the cleaning of the fridge, I’m doing a lot of my ultimate comfort activity: redecorating. Have put up new window treatments, rearranged the furniture, and re-hung a lot of art.

If you, too, are working on a re-decor project during all this —because it’s hopeful, nurturing and fun— contact me for the color help you may need. Am meeting with clients over Zoom! I’ve worked on Skype, before the apocalypse, with clients in Seattle, California, Vermont and New Mexico and it works very well.

Here’s how we do it:

We set a day and time. I send you a Zoom link via email, which you will click on when the time comes. Depending on the project, you may send me photos and short videos beforehand of the rooms and halls — we’ll chat beforehand about what you are working on and I’ll let you know what visuals I’ll need.

I have all my fan decks and books of larger sheets in my home office: Benjamin Moore, Farrow & Ball, Sherwin Williams. Sometimes we wrap it up at that first Zoom session. Sometimes we narrow down the paint color choices and I’ll mail to you, at no extra cost, larger sample sheets of the possibilities we identified, and we’ll meet again online to finalize. We settle up at the end of each session, as usual, via PayPal, Venmo or Apple Pay, or with a credit card I can enter into Square. Whatever is easiest for you.

Personally, I find it helpful during this surreal, disorienting time to focus on the tangible and the creative. Someone once told me that worry is reverse prayer. Making decisions about my place – picture hanging, color choosing, painting walls and objects — keeps me grounded when I can easily spin out with concern and worry. (I’m repainting 3 of the child-size chairs in my Small Chair Collection. I’ll post pics as I make progress.)

Be well and healthy, my darlings. And give a call, text, or email when you need me. It will be great to connect. Much Love, Barbara

Don’t drive yourself crazy. There’s an easier way. Call me.

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