For weeks now at my house, it’s all about bread-baking, Netflix time and redecorating. The big comforts during troubles times: eating carbs, while being told a story, while being in beauty is nourishing, nurturing and comforting since, like, the Beginning. If you are refreshing, rearranging, re-painting your home place through this pandemic time, you are … More Zoom.

Color and Love

Working on color for an interior recently. A good-sized place with many rooms. New construction! This means my client “Monica” is making a million decisions a day, from lighting fixtures, to tile patterns, to drawer handles. It’s high quality stress, but still stressy. In one room, we are working off a carpet sample that has … More Color and Love


I went to Washington DC for the Women’s March. Yes, I’m for all those progressive ideals like equal rights, and peace not war, and I believe the environment is a person and a corporation is not. It was an awesome, fierce, and moving experience. And who would think so much power could be conveyed by the … More Pink

Painting your house before winter? Inspiration from Italy.

Many of you are getting ready to do the great Paint-the-Exterior-of -the-House-Before-Winter thing, aren’t you? And maybe you are tempted to repaint in the same colors that are already on there. But, hey…… Life is short or long depending on your point of view, and time doesn’t matter anyway because it’s an illusion, right? I’m pretty sure I … More Painting your house before winter? Inspiration from Italy.