Painting your house before winter? Inspiration from Italy.

IMG_6006Many of you are getting ready to do the great Paint-the-Exterior-of -the-House-Before-Winter thing, aren’t you? And maybe you are tempted to repaint in the same colors that are already on there. But, hey……

Life is short or long depending on your point of view, and time doesn’t matter anyway because it’s an illusion, right? I’m pretty sure I read that in a credible magazine not too long ago.

So many colors; so much or little time. Why not change it up a bit? Let in some new colors before winter arrives.

Now you are thinking ‘Yes, of course I want new colors for my house, Barbara, but which  colors???’

Even with my vast psychic abilities, I do not know the answer to that one, but I do have a few photos from my trip to northern Italia in May. Oh, the houses there! Some very interesting combinations that could translate nicely to a USA color palette.

The greys! The greens! The ochres! The terracotta and roses! The creams! The earthy off-whites! The misty blue-greens! A visual feast.

These photos were taken in the northwestern section of Italy, in the Piedmont and Liguria regions. Luscious colors, people and food….

Comments welcome.

Onward we go,



One thought on “Painting your house before winter? Inspiration from Italy.

  1. I started reading your blog for paint inspiration but it turned out to be life inspiration, and your choice of lite colors is in vogue now days. Before going all out I prefer consulting professional painters for the job.


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