Wall Colors For Art Display

Art Curators favorite wall colors

I hereby dare to add to this article about best wall colors for showing artwork.

In my 750+ color consultations in homes and offices in the greater Philadelphia area, I have found that Artwork can take care of itself. White walls, bright walls, deeps and muds — all can support the art and photos you have on display.


That said, some neutral and rich colors, other than Whites, I have seen work very well are Farrow & Ball’s DROPCLOTH and FRENCH GRAY; Benjamin Moore’s: MUSEUM PIECE and QUICKSAND. Check out PLASTER OF PARIS, too.

Whites: CHANTILLY LACE will give you a stark bright white – maybe too cool for some tastes. Check out SIMPLY WHITE, OYSTER, CHINA WHITE….oh the list is long.

Sometimes it works to choose a color that is in the painting. Client Matty had a traditional living room with two landscape oil paintings she loved (loves). The scenes had tiny flecks of a brighter blue in fields of greens, browns and grays. We painted her walls in a Williamsburg blue (ANDERSON), and oh wow it is fabulous. Not a screaming blue. Just enough “muted-ness” to carry the day in an elegant but unexpected way.

It is not necessary to coordinate art colors with wall colors. Choose 5 or 6 possible wall colors you love and hold them next to the artwork. There will be one that is strongest and that meets the criteria: the artwork holds its own on it AND YOU LOVE THE COLOR.

I have spoken. Have a lovely day, Barbara.

Call or email me for a consultation if you’d like help with your project.



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