Ceiling and Woodwork Color is Crucial.

Two seconds after taking this photo of the glorious February sunset, I fell and brooke my wrist three ways to Sunday, as they say.
Two seconds after taking this photo of a February sunset, I tripped, fell and broke my wrist three ways to Sunday.

It has been quite a slog back to the blog, but here we are on a fiercely hot summer day in Philadelphia and I am typing away with only a slight ache in my right wrist, my slightly stiff fingers doing their darnedest to move around the keyboard.

I was off radar until April. In-home and on-site color consulting has been happening happily and successfully (with clients carrying my heavy bags of tricks) since then because my eyeballs work just fine. Pain affects my mood but not my vision. Yay!

I’m prepping many Before & After shots for you. But for today, I have a bit about Ceilings and Woodwork:

36 Hours after that sunset, this what the inside of wrist looked like. And still does. 5 pegs, a plate and 3 screws. The plate is a very pretty shade of green.
36 Hours after that sunset, this is what the inside of my wrist looked like. And still does. Five pegs, a plate and 3 screws. The titanium plate is a very pretty shade of green.

Pay attention to the colors of the ceilings and the woodwork! By woodwork, I mean the trim around windows, doors, crown molding, wainscoting, chair rails…

For some reason, these parts of a room are often overlooked or considered throw-aways. AAARRRRGGGHHH.

The Woodwork is “just white” they tell me. AAARRRGGGHHH.  Sorry, Gang, in the mystical world of shimmering light and color, there is no such thing as “just white”.

I recommend experimenting with warm whites and cool whites to see which works best with your wall color and furnishings. Seriously. Woodwork is like a line drawing leading you from room to room through the colors you are using in the painting you are making in your house/apartment/workspace.

Yes, you are making a painting in which to live your life.

Ceiling White is a flat white usually on its way to grey. Often, it’s a cool grey. If a cool greywhite is best for your color scheme, then hey go for it with a Ceiling White, remembering that ceiling whites vary by manufacturer).

I have noticed that many of my clients are choosing a palette on the warm side, and cool greyish ceiling white DOES NOTHING for the look of the room. Why throw away the sixth wall in a room? Some ceiling paints are white enough to be tinted into a warmer shade like Simply White OC-17 or Snowfall White OC-18. Ask your paint store people about the formulas.

OUTSIDE THE BOX: Maybe that ceiling needs to be a color. Maybe that ceiling would work well with the shine of semi-gloss or a satin. Pay attention to the ceilings. Have some fun. Make it beautiful.

Sainted Daughter-in-law brought me the painkiller drugs. Thank you, Molly.
I’ve written to the Pope about the beatification of my older son and daughter-in-law who brought me the painkiller drugs many times a day and all through the night for a solid two weeks. Here’s my happy drug pusher. Thank you, Molly. Notice the creamy white ceiling color in the guest room.

When you walk into a home that looks and feels really wonderful, trust me that they have included woodwork and ceilings in the color selection process!

Onward we go. Enjoy the summertime, Good People,


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