Architect’s White

Last week I had four requests for a color called Architect’s White. This color is no longer is on the lists of Benjamin Moore or Farrow & Ball or any of the other usual suspects. The only place I could find it is with Zoffany, a company in the UK.

In the USA, two different whites were named Architect’s White. They made by now defunct MAB and Finnaren & Haley. One version was similar to today’s Decorator’s White by Ben Moore – a coolish white on its way to grey. The other version was like Ben Moore’s Timid White, a much warmer shade of white that comes up from a ochre/green/khaki.

Decorator’s White, by Ben Moore, is the sophisticated color you often see in art galleries and hip lofts. Timid White is gorgeous in its own way when one wants sophistication and warmth at the same time in their white.

How about a list and images of Whites that actual architects have chosen? Visit Dering Hall. I’m impressed.

Love, Barbara


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