Change is Good.

On a call.
On a call.

The BIG NEWS at my end is that in early August of this year, I launched full-on into freelance color consulting. After 3 good years in a part-time position at a Ben Moore Paint & Design store, where I learned so much about housepaint, I left to spare my lovely lungs any more exposure to the fumes that seem to be part of a paint store environment.

I miss my co-workers, but it is great to breathe deep.

So, here I am, at your service. This week I completed my 700th color project. I’ve added all the major paint companies’ fan decks and palettes to my sexy color consult vehicle and have opened a Phillip Jeffries wallcovering account. My toolboxes full of picture hanging gear are getting a workout, too.

It is very satisfying to work with humans who are seeking to transform their living or work spaces. It’s personal, challenging, exciting and fun to be creative with clients in this way. A heartfelt thank you to all my clients over the past 3.5 years. You’ve been a joy!

Current projects:

  1. Working with Leila on wall colors for her 3-bedroom condo in Olde City Philly. Shifting from All-White-All-the-Time to beautiful combinations of neutrals, deeps, and middle tones of subtle colors.
  2. Just finished hanging and re-arranging 25 pieces of art & framed photos on three floors for Adrianne. We worked with her beautiful collection of inherited oil paintings, her own modern art selections, and her kids’ art. She kept reaching into closets and pulling out gems!
  3. Mary wanted a second opinion on colors she’d chosen but didn’t really love. Her quandary was “we may want move in 8 years so let’s do the walls in a neutral putty”  vs. “it’s a dramatic house and we love color”. We are in the middle of choosing a palette of rich, warm neutrals, that are more gray than yellowy beige, and some lovely misty grey-blue-greens with a gentle pop or two in strategic places.
  4. Michelle is building a new house. We are in the talking stage waiting for the walls to go up.
  5. Tweaking the colors in 3 rooms for Anne Marie, whose painter declined to prime the walls with the Farrow & Ball primers because he didn’t think it needed to be done. TIP: It is GOSPEL that you must use the assigned primers for all F&B colors. If fact, they shouldn’t even be called “primers”. Farrow & Ball is a 3-coat process: the first coat is the first layer of the color and it sets the undertone. Do not skip this coat, unless you want a mess.


Wishing all a delightful Winter Solstice and a Happy New Year.

Much Love, Barbara


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