HALLOWEEN, Saturday at the Paint Shop Report….

Joe and Eric living the dream. Happy Halloween.
Joe and Eric living the dream. Happy Halloween.

I’m wearing all black, stripey socks, and orange earrings. The guys, Joe and Eric are truly embracing the Halloween vibe today. Eric is doing a version of Breaking Bad in a most subtle, brilliant way.

Joe has gone full-on into the King of Paint thing this morning.

I really like working with my paint guys. They know everything about paint and soon I will, too, just by listening to them talk to customers. Plus, I have learned a few things about them and their lives and they are each very fascinating people.

Eric has been in the paint biz for several years. He’s an artist and does special effects makeup for film – his auntie is a pro and taught him everything he knows about film make-up. Eric has a big heart, too – I have noticed he is very kind.

Joe gets his hair cut by beautiful Albanian women. They are all in arranged marriages. And his fave, Florida, does a great job at cutting his hair. He’s taking his kids out to trick or treat tonight: his son is going as Mario and his daughter is going as Scream the Witch. Joe’s dad was a cop, and although Joe is The King of Paint today and everyday, he is practically the mayor of his neighborhood Community Watch team.

The King of Paint
The King of Paint

Joe is a quite the card – every time I’ve checked today, he has added onto his costume: first, it was the bag on the head, then he added the sunglasses. A few minutes ago, the rubber gloves went on.

Colorwise, so far today, I have had requests for, or suggested, Wickham Gray for a nursery, Bennington Gray for a sitting room, Pink Moire or Queen Anne Pink for a living room, Cumulous Cloud for kitchen cabinets, and gave some advice for choosing colors:

Color is mystical. It is affected by every other color in a room, by the lighting in a room, and by the direction the windows face to let in the light of the sun. Once you have a sense of the feeling you want for the space, and have an idea of the color you want:

  1. Start with paper sample chips. Choose the color you think you want and take the chips on either side, too. Take similar shades, and lighter and darker versions. Pin them up in the lightest and darkest areas of your room.
  2. Narrow down and then have sample pints of paint made. 
  3. Paint large square patches onto the walls: 2 coats and let it dry in-between! 
  4. OR paint 2 coats onto a piece of foam core and move the color around the room. Set it up at the focal point of the room, in the darkest and lightest areas, near furniture, the woodwork. See it in the daytime and at night.
  5. I like to tape up newsprint or white paper in areas on the walls to blank out the existing color. I don’t want the old shade influencing the new colors.
  6. Remember: Dry paint is a shade or 2 darker then wet paint, so wait until its dry before making a decision. Live with it for a day or two or seven. New colors bring a new vibe into a room – let it settle in and see how you like it!!

Getting ready for 2 afternoon in-home consults today and 2 for tomorrow. Onward we go!

Happy Halloweening!! Barbara

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