Before screens, there was lace.

Searching for a great lead-in for Window TreatmDC-Grecian-Windowent post, I came across an article, which I now cannot find, stating that lace was hung at open windows to keep out the dust and the bugs before someone thought up wire screening. Even with the high-tech screening in place, lace curtains were kept at the window to have privacy and natural light happening at the same time. Somewhere on the linear timeline of history, we started wrapping ourselves in lace, but that’s a story for a fashion blog.

The Window Treatment maker man was in the store recently and now at the Ardmore store we have a Made-in-America supplier for cornices, valances, roman shades, draperies. I have a kit and kaboodle of what they call “soft” window decoration by Carole Fabrics, based in Augusta, Georgia USA.

Come visit the store and have a look at the Simplicity By Design line that we are carrying. And when you are ready to make your windows onto the world embellished glories, call me.


Here is a  link to the Terminology around window treatments.

Here is link to the Lace Guild page that talks about netting, AKA early screens. This site has a lot of information about how lace is made, and about lace in the fashion choices of our ancestors (they were crazy for lace for awhile). And since I find lace irresistible and it has always been primarily women’s work, I’ve included it this post.


Enjoy these images of the miracles that can happen when imagination is applied to thread.

Carry on, My Darlings! Enjoy the winter holiday season!!


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