New Year. Old Paint. What to do with leftover sample pints, etc…

images-6Happy New Year, Painters!

I have noticed that the beginning of a new calendar year often involves the primeval urge to tidy up the ol’ habitation. 

If you are doing any cleaning and/or clearing out this week, or ever, and you come upon your stash of paint cans that you don’t need anymore, the question comes up: what the heck to do with it all?

Assuming the paint is still wet and there is an inch or more left in the can, here are a few suggestions.

  1. Donate to a school’s art or theater department.

2. Hand it over to a community theater.

3. Give it to an artist. Last time I moved, I posted under Free Stuff on Craig’s List and an artist drove 15 miles, and was so glad, to pick up a dozen partly-full gallons of house paint.

4. Picasso used house paint. Make your own art with it.

5. Give to a kid. He or she will know what to do with pints of paint.

6. Build a treehouse or a go-cart or something you’ve always wanted to build, and paint it.

7. Offer it to your neighbors via or a Facebook community page.

images-4ABOUT THE CANS THEMSELVES: I often have clients come into store carrying ancient paint cans of colors they love. They are looking for a color match from the dried drips, which we somehow manage to do. Meanwhile, the historic paint cans – sometimes 30 years old, I am not kidding  – are gorgeous in an epic rustic way. I have told more than one client to wipe them down and make them into something.

So if the paint is dry as a bone in your epic historic cans, consider these options:

  1. Make lamps out of them

2. Fill them with sand and make bookends

3. Dust them off and display as an object d’art

4. It is a cool vase or a planter?

6. Sell them on Ebay or on your Etsy store so someone else can make them into something.

7. Upcycle, People!

Feast your eyes on these babies:

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