The color you desire, when you desire it.

PinkWall in TexasA dear friend in Texas posted this article on Facebook the other day and up it came into my news feed. I like reading about whole neighborhoods dedicated to creativity and what my people, the artists, do with their houses, decoration-wise.

The aspect of this sweet little bungalow I want to point out is that, in their small living room, three walls are painted a bright white (Chantilly Lace OC-65 is my guess), and one wall is reserved for color. AND that they change the color of this wall frequently.

Eagle says, “I fall in love with a new color every now and then, and one of our living-room walls gets repainted when that happens. Seen in the context of a new color, our collections and furniture take on a new life.”

Having one wall reserved for following your color whim-need-heart’s-desire of the week or month is a brilliant and very nurturing idea I think. Our color spectrum is such a glory. Why limit oneself to experiencing only so many colors on one’s walls in a lifetime?

Repainting one smallish wall is so very do-able. It is even a solution for those among us who crave color but are living where white or beige, for whatever reason, are the acceptable color schemes.

Onward we go.


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