How to deal with the 5000 color choices on the wall – the Affinity Deck

I get a lot of questions about all the colors on the wall here at the store. I think there are 5000. I know a lot of their names now, but not all.

Benjamin Moore has nine collections (aka palettes) of colors: Classic, Preview, Historical Colors, America’s Colors, Trusted Favorites, the Affinity colors, Color Stories, and the Colonial Williamsburg Collection, which in my opinion was the smartest buy they ever made.

I’ll write a bit about each of the palettes, one at a time. Today, we chat it up about the Affinity Colors.

The Affinity palette is strong and muted. The colors are designed to be used together. Any 3 shades, even chosen randomly, are said to work well together. There are 144 colors: deep, middle tones and pales. Greys, blues, tans, bricky reds, a few greens, and a most gorgeous deep purple – Caponata.

Mascarpone is my fave creamy white. Soleil is one of the best soft, earthy yellows out there.

affinity deck

Here is a link to the Ben Moore site showing images of rooms painted in Affinity colors. The rooms look great, but do not be deceived into thinking the shades in the photos will look exactly the same in your space. You MUST get at least a paper sample swatch and tape it up in your space to see how the natural and artificial light affects the color. Your furniture and floors reflect their own colors onto the walls, too.


Color is mystical, shimmering light and everything in the room affects it.

You can get the look you want. It may be with the color named in the photo, or it may that a different color altogether will give you the beauty factor you are looking for.

Go forth and paint.

2 thoughts on “How to deal with the 5000 color choices on the wall – the Affinity Deck

  1. Our living room is painted in Cinder and we have loved it for many years. Recently we suggested Fondant as a soft pink and our customer loved the warm (still adult) glow. Because this deck doesn’t have THOUSANDS of choices our customers find it more manageable and not as intimidating.

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